Reporting, offline enabled and reliable.

Design your own reports for mobile device use.

Download and integrate pdf reports
Just design your report with the open source iReport Designer, change the expression language to JEval, import the community PDFReporter library from our community page for testing.
Migrate your existing Jasper Reports
The PDFReporter library is based on the open source product Jasper Reports and uses the same architecture.
What is the output
The PDFReporter library generates optimized and accurate high quality PDF Report documents.
PDF Designer
The PDF Designer is the community version of the iReport Designer. You can design your own reports with the iReport Designer.
Get started with the sample app
You can install our sample app for iPad and iPhone to get the feeling of how it runs. Download iPhone app, Download Android app.
Supported devices
The PDFReporter library runs on Android devices and iOS devices – iPads, iPhones and iPod touch. iOS 5.0 and higher.

PDF Designer

You will find the download link of the community version iReport Designer at our our community page and a few more how to’s as well. You will also find other download links on different topics.

Community page
Sample app screenshot

Sample app

To get a feeling of the PDFReporter library, take a look at our sample app in the app store, download it and look at the output of the PDF reports.

Download sample apps
PDFReporter screenshot


Our library is based on the popular open source Jasper Reports architecture and supports the common features provided by Jasper, but works offline on mobile devices.

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Get started with the sample app

Download and install our sample application for iPad, iPhone or Android to see how easy this works!