Generating documents and reports, offline enabled and reliable.

Design your own reports and documents for your mobile business need.

Your benefits
  • Time to market since no programming
  • Deployment of document definitions instead of app updates
  • Offline generation of documents and reports
  • High security since offline enabled
  • Guaranties perfect costumer experience
  • New features are pluggable
  • Document design and implementation are separated.
Jasper Reports
The PDFReporter library is based on the open source product Jasper Reports. It uses the same architecture and delivers all the flavors so that professional document management for mobile solutions are supported.
Input and Output
XML and SQL are supported data resources and new resources can be plugged in. The output document typ today is PDF but any document type like Word or HTML can be supported.
How is the PDFReporter used today?

Any business process that executes out of office (for example sales and services), where documents or reports must be generated based on the collected data.

Business relevant features
Any PDF document that is generated on the mobile devices can be digital signed, encrypted, compressed and are PDF/A compatible. It means the period for safekeeping of the PDF documents is guaranteed and any legal documents can be digital signed according to SigG 2001.
Documents generated in the business by example
  • Report from a customer visit.
  • An offer from an insurance broker
  • Client investment profile
  • Account opening document with legal digital signing
  • Delivery slip
  • Defect report from a service man
  • Contract builder for the banking industry
  • Service quality report in the retail industry

PDF Designer

You will find the download link of the community version iReport Designer at our our community page and a few more how to’s as well. You will also find other download links on different topics.

Community page
Sample app screenshot

Sample app

To get a feeling of the PDFReporter library, take a look at our sample app on the community page, download it and integrate it to your app solutions look at the output of the PDF reports. Test it before you buy it.

Download sample apps
PDFReporter screenshot


Our library is based on the popular open source Jasper Reports architecture and supports the common features provided by Jasper, but works offline on mobile devices.

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